Construction Bid Calendar for Contractors

TopBuilder’s Bid Calendar helps contractors view, track, and assign estimators to bid opportunities, so you’ll never miss a deadline again.

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Bid Calendar

The Bid Calendar Streamlines Bid Management

TopBuilder’s Bid Calendar helps you easily track bid statuses, see who is working on each bid, and see when each bid is due using an Outlook style calendar. Additionally, you can announce bid due dates to your team by assigning estimators to a bid, it’s that simple.   

Use a familiar calendar system.

We’ve purposely designed our Bid Calendar to look similar to Outlook. That way you can quickly and easily begin using it.  

Review your bids quickly.

You can quickly visualize all your bid opportunities, filter, sort, and search your bids by job name, estimator, sales team, job type, and more. This will help you track the progress of your bids instantly.  

Color-coded calendar.

We’ve added unique color-coded options to each bid in the Bid Calendar. That way you can quickly see which bids are missing information or unassigned.  

Bid Calendar

Visualize all your bid opportunities.

View bid opportunities, due dates, estimators, and job details on one simple color coded calendar. This way you can quickly know which bid opportunites need to be assigned to an estimator. 

Color Coded Bid Calendar

Quickly Adjust Bid Opportunities

TopBuilder has created multiple options to edit or adjust your bid opportunities all within the Bid Calendar screen. These options let you assign estimators, adjust due dates, or even adjust the calendar view so you can see all your available bid opportunities by day, week, or month. 

Quickly update each bid.

You have the ability to assign estimators right in the calendar or you can drill down into job/bid details with a simple menu command. This will help you quickly update your bid information. 

Adjust bid dates.

You can change bid due dates right in the Bid Calendar by dragging the job to another date and/or time. This feature helps you effortlessly move bid due dates without going into another bid management screen.  

View in multiple formats.

The Bid Calendar allows you to review your bids by month, weeks, work week, timeline, and by day. This will help you see the bigger picture and minor details all with the click of a button.  

Bid Calendar

Easily Assign Estimators

With a simple right-click and selection, you can assign both primary and secondary estimators to a Bid Opportunity. 

And Yes, they receive an email and calendar alert when assigned to a Bid Opportunity. 

What Contractors Say About TopBuilder

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“With TopBuilder Solutions, we can be more selective and choose to bid jobs where they have a higher win ratio, customer pays on time, etc. Thereby increasing our win ratio!”

Drew Robbins

VP Operations

MB Haynes

“Amongst some of the standout features, the Bid module has provided our organization with a resource to ensure that all nine (9) of our Divisions are aware of invitations to bid, as well as bidding deadlines being met.”

Page Porter

Corporate CRM Project Manager


“This hits on all of our requirements. A big driver for us is to get away from the stand alone DB/Spreadsheets like the access tracking tool we created, and have an integrated solution with our ERP. Also, to have a single, standard system where we can capture and track all of our bids by region and by sales rep.

Colleen Ward


Maximize Your Bid Management

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