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Quoting has never been easier. 

Our primary goal is to make quoting easier, quicker, and more effective. That way you can finish your quotes in minutes versus hours.  

To make this a reality, our quoting software offers advanced features, such as quote assemblies, electronic signatures, payment collection options, quote tracking, and more 

Effortless with Quote Assemblies.

Quote assemblies help you select a predefined bundle of options, quantities, and prices. 

So, instead of having to price each item individually, you can select a group of items. Once the quote assembly is added, these groups can be tweaked accordingly to the specific job details. Additionally, quote assemblies ensure all your items are included in your quote. Preventing you from missing products & services that could eat into your profit.

Quickly build and send.

If your job is beyond the scope of your quote assemblies, building a quote from scratch is quick and easy. 

To build a quote, simply select the items to include in your quote, specify the quantity, adjust the cost, adjust your pricing, and you’re done. Yep, it’s that easy!  

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Quote Tracking

No more sitting in the dark after sending your quotes.

With TopBuilder’s Quote Tracking you can see when you sent the quote, when the recipient opened your email, and when they began reviewing the quote. 

Once the potential client is done reviewing your quote, it will record whether the client accepts or declines the quote and the reason why.   

Helping you and your team stay fully informed throughout the entire quoting process.  

Quote Tracking | Quoting Software

Include multiple file types in your quote 

Every project will have different pictures, drawings, specs, scope of works, etc. Many of these documents are used when building an accurate quote for your client.  

TopBuilder’s Quoting Software includes the ability to attach these documents to your custom quote. Additionally, we’ve added the capability of combining all of these documents into one single PDF file. This feature makes it even easier to accurately present your quote to your clients in an organized and professional layout.  

Receive automated alerts.

TopBuilder offers the ability to receive alerts for each goal completion.   

This means you can be notified when a prospect opens your email, when they review your quote, and when they’ve accepted/declined the proposed quote.  

Accept payment information.

TopBuilder’s quoting software includes payment collection capabilities.   

That means you now have the ability to build, review, approve, and accept payment for projects all in one session with the client. 

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Electronic Signatures

To make it even easier for your clients to accept your quotes, we’ve added electronic signature capabilities. 

This feature gives your clients the ability to quickly sign the quotes electronically, making it even easier for you and your clients to start work together. 

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“TopBuilder is exactly what I need to ensure my marketing investments are not wasted and ensure no sales opportunities are lost. Additionally, we do a more effective job selling while spending a lot less time.”

John Leggett


Sierra Classic Custom Homes

“I’ve worked with a lot of home builder CRM systems and TopBuilder is by far the best and easiest to use!

David Ellison

Director of Sales & Marketing


“We tried several CRM’s prior to TopBuilder. The others were cumbersome, which caused internal resistance, which led to failure in implementation. TopBuilder has been simpler and much more user-friendly.

Mike Salomon


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